Are you Smarter than a
STAR Tester?

Every year, all students in grades 2-11 take the California Standards Tests (CST) as part of California's Standardized Testing and Reporting (STAR) Program. The CSTs are developed by California educators and test developers specifically for California. They measure students' progress toward achieving California's state-adopted academic content standards in English–Language Arts (ELA), mathematics, science, and history–social science, which describe what students should know and be able to do in each grade and subject tested. The goal is for all students to score in the proficient or advanced range on their tests.

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Information For Parents
Grades 2 & 3            Grades 4 & 5            Grade 6

Common Core Content Standards
English-Language Arts            Mathematics

Released Test Questions
    • Grade 2
English-Language Arts            Mathematics

    • Grade 3
English-Language Arts            Mathematics

    • Grade 4
English-Language Arts            Mathematics

    • Grade 5
English-Language Arts            Mathematics            Science

    • Grade 6
English-Language Arts            Mathematics

Searchable website featuring questions from the California Standards Tests; includes questions from each grade level, information about levels of performance, and grade-level parent guides.

2nd Grade
Which group of words is a complete sentence?
A. Have birds and flowers. B. Stamps from Mexico.
C. I collect stamps. D. Took a Trip.

Holly had seven hundred fifty nine cucumbers. She sold five hundred sixty three of them. How many cucumbers does she have left?
A. 116        B. 196      C. 216      D. 296

3rd Grade
Which sentence is divided correctly into its subject and predicate?
A. The shiny black kitten licks / his clean, soft fur.
B. Stars are shining / in the midnight sky.
C. A tall tree stands in the / middle of the park.
D. Five small children / dance to the lively music.

Which digit is in the hundreds place in the number 3174?
A. 1          B. 3          C. 4          D. 7

4th Grade
The word inspected contains the Latin root spect. What does spect mean?
A. use       B. look      C. take      D. need

Which statement is true?
A. The only factors of 8 are 1 and 8.
B. The only factors of 9 are 1 and 9.
C. The only factors of 10 are 1 and 10.
D. The only factors of 11 are 1 and 11.

5th Grade
Which of these is a synonym for the word remark?
A. decision B. attempt
C. comment D. benefit

A company donated 200 books to a local library. If 70 of them are fiction, what percent of the donated books are fiction?
A. 35%       B. 40%       C. 60%      D. 65%

Which organ removes cell waste from the blood?
A. the large intestine B. the small intestine
C. the kidney D. the heart

6th Grade
A conversation can turn into an argument in the same way that a discussion can become ____________.
A. a privilege. B. an examination.
C. a debate. D. a quotation.

Solve (5+2)[6-(3+2)]=
A. 7      B. 8      C. 12      D. 13