LFE PTO - Welcome!

The LFE PTO welcomes you Back to School!  Wondering what we do?  How to get involved?

How we help:
• Enrichment – Assemblies, Red Ribbon Week, ArtMasters
• Funding – Library, Technology, Health Services, Science Explorium, School Supplies
• Building Community – Local Business Relations, Carnival, Organizing Volunteers, Dinner Nights in LF

What we need from you:
• Time – Are you good with numbers?  Do you like to meet people?  Do you have a handy skill?  
• Support – LFE has a great many needs to maintain its excellent academic status.  Your sponsorship of our fundraising activities and business partners is critical to our students’ success.
• Expertise – We need your ideas and enthusiasm.  Does your employer make available grants to charitable 501(c)(3) organizations like the LFE PTO?  Could your business benefit from a collaboration with LFE?  Do you have an idea that would help promote students’ success?  

How to get involved:
• Contact any of the Lake Forest Elementary School PTO Board Members:

(2017-2018) PTO Officers

Co-President Clarinda Arriaga     president @ lakeforestelementaryschool.com
Co-President Susan Bloomgren president @ lakeforestelementaryschool.com
Executive Vice President Kim Bowman evp @ lakeforestelementaryschool.com
Treasurer Lisa Johnson & Sheri Sebilian
treasurer @ lakeforestelementaryschool.com
Financial Secretary
Yoko Bulman
credit @ lakeforestelementaryschool.com
Recording secretary Jillian Mitchell & Wendy Collie
recording @ lakeforestelementaryschool.com
VP of Volunteers
Stefanie McLaughlin & Rosa Bermudez
volunteers @ lakeforestelementaryschool.com
VP of Fundraising Robin Dudnick & Stephanie Dey
fundraising @ lakeforestelementaryschool.com
Kristin Vigue
parliamentarian @ lakeforestelementaryschool.com
VP of Communications Francine Baxter & Courtney Blackwell
communications @ lakeforestelementaryschool.com 
Teacher Liaison Mrs. Gordon gordonn @ svusd.org
Teacher Liaison Mrs. Smith lindac.smith @ svusd.org

Mission Statement

The Mission of the Lake Forest Elementary School Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO) is to promote communication, understanding and cooperation among students, faculty, parents, school board and community; to increase educational opportunities for students by raising funds to support PTO programs and services; and to elect volunteer parent representatives to coordinate these programs and services.

"Volunteers DO Make a Difference"

A volunteer is an extra pair of hands, an extra measure of personal warmth, a valuable "special" resource for classroom enrichment, and a bridge between the school and the community.


  • Every parent, family member and school employee is an automatic member of our PTO. 
  • Parents contribute volunteer hours worth over $100,000 per year.



Why Pledge?

Lake Forest Elementary students have long enjoyed academic excellence.  While academic needs and expectations remain high, funds to provide them are not always available.  Since public school funding is limited by local district and state budgets, additional educational enhancements are needed.

Lake Forest Elementary has a pledging program, which gives parents the opportunity to invest in the success of our school.  This program allows parents to make a direct dollar-for-dollar contribution to school programs and services.  There is no middle-man, or fundraising company to share the profit.  One hundred percent of your donation goes to the school. If you would like to make a pledge, please contact the LFE PTO President.